Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day.

Today is Remembrance Day. The time for us to show our respects to those that died so we could have the freedoms we enjoy, or enjoyed anyway, today.

It seems a good time to think how these people must be turning in their graves over what has happened to us lately. Our current masters are making their sacrifices wasted.

I'm of the firm belief that you have to have close ties to people that paid in blood for these freedoms or you simply do not appreciate them. I pray every day that our people wake up to the loss of freedoms and we do something about it. Now. While we can do something without massive loss of life. We do not need millions more to die just so we can recover our freedoms to the level we had.

I paid my respects in Second Life today. Tom Paine from The Last Ditch has a report and some photographs.


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