Thursday, November 15, 2007

Talk about gutless.

It seems that no decision has been made on the length of time we will hold people who have committed no crimes but are suspected of terrorist offences. Read here.

In a way I'm glad that some people are actually speaking out about this and that at least some people involved have a little bit of respect for the rights of the individual. Obviously only a little bit or there would be a lot more of these instead of things passing on the nod. The whole bunch of them are gutless.

Of course when someone is arrested on a obscure charge and held so long they lose their job and/or business I assume that someone will be there with a cheque to help pay the missed mortgage and bills that are now well overdue and make sure that the life ripped apart by all the accusations and the no smoke without fire brigade is brought back together.

No such plans. Exactly what I thought.


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