Friday, November 16, 2007

The New Communist plans for world domination.

It seems that the end of the Cold War was not quite the end of the Communist desire for world domination after all. It seems that Europe now needs to cover half of the world as well and ensure large swathes of the planet live under the socialist thumb. Read here about Miliband's suggestion for the expansion of the EU and he firmly says who's side he is on my using our when he talks about the EU.

I still think we should join with the US rather than the EU. We can be Taiwan to the EU's China. A successful nation stuck on the back of a bloated socialist ant farm.

Although now I understand how people said we need to keep the nukes. The threat of nuclear annihilation is coming back. Not from terrorists but from despots pushing their own agendas on the world not but threat of attack but by threat of blockade via trade restrictions and removal of aid.


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