Sunday, November 25, 2007

Having the courage of your convictions.

Or maybe not. Here is Blair now actually telling us that he deliberately misled, and Campbell actually lied, about his beliefs because he thought we, the public, would be wary.

Now there is something that I didn't think I would hear. We knew he was religious, we knew that his beliefs were not compatible with his role but he made a choice to subjugate his religious views to ensure he stayed in power. Now he feels confident enough to admit it because it's now too late and it seems he is still religious enough to convert to Catholicism. Over the centuries people have been prepared to die for their beliefs. Blair is not even prepared to make his beliefs public when it isn't even a death sentence.

So much for being religious. It suits when it doesn't interfere with his quest for power. Although I do hope this screws up his EU roles. Fingers crossed. God I hate this guy, and he denied you, can't you do something. Something fatal preferably but I'd be happy with something debilitating and lingering.


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