Thursday, November 15, 2007

Remind me if I'm wrong here..

I seem to remember that during the cover up overinvestigation into the sale of honours that someone said that if the case did not lead to a prosecution that someone would make the evidence public. This new article about the cover up says the main evidence did not appear in the papers reminded me. Why not?

Surely there is no smoke without fire. The law has protected the guilty we need to change it to make sure that it never happens again. This is a travesty of justice. Where is the leak to the media? Where is the protected slandering of all the parties involved?

Strange that in this case none of those statements seem to have appeared in the press from our lords and masters. It's almost as if one rule for them and another for us. Surely that can't be right. I must be in error.

Where is the one leak we could do with. Go on Yates of the Yard. Your team is getting the blame for the other leaks why don't you make just one. Just one good one.


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