Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We can expect more falling on swords from now on.

Especially as it appears that falling on your sword while working for the government means you still get paid until they work out a golden handshake to suit you and a nice juicy retirement package. Read here. No wonder he went so quick. We will slip a few extra quid in the deal if you take the fall today.

As for the guy who actually screwed up. No kicking out for him. He is being put up in a hotel and guarded. Apparently they don't want a Dr Kelly done to him. Although exactly why someone should take him to the woods and bump him off is beyond me. After all he has done the damage now and it would purely be for revenge and there is so much that could go wrong in the execution (sic). Now I do believe Gordo would do it but the risk are way too high at the moment. An accident, a suicide or even a disgruntled parent next year is more likely.


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