Saturday, November 17, 2007

The good ship the SS UK heading for disaster.

I love analogies. Here is another and how I explain where I think we have gone wrong over the last ten years.

Now I always seen the way we were governed as like driving a big ship through a large channel. One party takes the helm, the ships turns slightly one way. It's heading towards the rocks but it doesn't matter because it is only at a slight angle and there is plenty of time. So keep going. It will be OK. Next party comes in and steers the ship the other way. We are now heading for the opposite rocks but again there is plenty of time. Just keep going. In the meantime the good ship LollipopSS GB heads on a zig zag course through the channel with no danger of hitting the sides. A lot of energy, time and potential wasted because of the course but generally progress is steady.

Then along came Blair, a snake oil salesman who hypnotised a large proportion of the population which his charm, and it shows us the flaws in our government. It's full turn and heading directly for the rocks in the now named SS (Socialist Shithole) UK. The passenger are all given other tasks to worry about let's clamp down on smoking, boozing, guns, fatties, skinnies, drugs and we have terrorists to worry about as well. So keep looking at your neighbours and keep distracted. Lets set up lectures on racism, stupidism, genderism, disableism, sizeism, distract the punters ism, and bribe them with cash for nothing but they have to fill out forms, keep their heads down and keep busy. The experienced crew has now been replaced and is now made up of interfering whingey whiney do gooders who's sole intention is to force their jaundiced views on the sheeple and we the public, the sheeple, just watch the latest episode of the X Factor, tut tut at what is going on around us but are comfortable that it has worked out before if we just keep our heads down. British spunk has missed our generation and we are unaware that things have changed so much in some cases there is no going back. This could not have been by accident. There is so much here that needed doing at the same time that it had to be planned and managed very carefully. (This is how conspiracy theories start) The objective seems to be to hand a docile socialist UK to the new socialist super state the EU.

Therefore now there is nobody on the horizon ready to correct the course. The ship has been filling up with more passengers than it can handle , most of them bought by the state and just left to themselves. The new captain is now so obsessed with staying the course he is taking no risks that he can be unseated. The other political players are fractured between those that actually believe the government line and think they could do it better and those that know it is rubbish but just want a bit of the action. It's now a cartel where they are all setting payments for themselves and all one big happy family. The Addams Family springs to mind.

Which brings us neatly to the political parties in the UK. Another analogy.

In the olden days we had thoroughbreds looking to make Britain great again. people who actually did the right thing for the right reasons. They had morals and a belief in their country. Every now and again these thoroughbreds ran a race to see who was the winner. They then went a steering the ship towards their personal goals but they kept the engines running, the drinks cabinets and larders stocked and the crew well trained.

Now of course we don't have thoroughbreds any more. Now we are led by donkeys. It seems that in the political world they are so pally pally that when up against a donkey it is unsporting to put a thoroughbred in. You have to have a donkey yourself to play fair with your buddies. This is the only thing that explains Cameron. He is just a junior snake oil salesman compared to Blair. OK, he is better at selling than Gordo but only people like Fred West, Ian Huntley or Osama (wheely bin) Laden would do a worse job. And bear in mind Fred West is dead although I suspect Osama would do well in a year or so when enough of his supporters are over here.

Cameron is leading his party against a party that is the most despised in known history and against a man who is as popular as Attila the Hun and just as nice. Yet he is only making slight inroads of a few measly percentage points. A thoroughbred would be leading the field against donkeys but this lot are still head and head with a few percentage points between them. For all the talk about a race it is so dull and uninteresting with the only prospect of another donkey in that hardly anyone participates. There is nothing to differentiate them. If there was people would be interested and become more interested in politics. In a local election here to replace a local politician who died there was a turnout of 19%, less than 1 in 5. Yawn. Please note that the death of a politician requires an election. I wonder how we could use that to bring forward a general election from after the date we are traitorously signed over to the EU body and soul and in time to do something about it? Hold on. Let me think!

Democracy in a nutshell. Led by a bunch of donkeys to our doom. It is now to late to avoid the rocks completely but how badly damaged we will be is still up for grabs. Sadly, the donkeys are still feeding themselves strawberries that we have paid over the odds for and grooming each other that there seems to be no change on the horizon. So stock up on basics and get some weapons while you still can, legally of course. Currently spoons don't seem to be restricted so buy some big ones so you can thump people with them.

Personally in a couple of decades when this is all over they will be recognised as the traitors they are. Sadly they are unlikely to meet the fate deserving such criminals. Hopefully because they will be all dead but more likely they will all be living in taxpayer funded luxury.


At 8:38 pm, Blogger Randy Higham said...

So stock up on basics and get some weapons while you still can, legally of course.

Wise words.

At 9:11 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Thats basically what it boils down to.

Although when it does hit the fan the only ones with any decent weapons will be the criminals.

WhooHoo. We will just have to keep our heads down as much as we can and hope that while they are driving about and raiding defenceless people we get enough warning by the engine noise and the screams


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