Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What is the difference between a slip and this?

I know it is all in the wording but a title that starts 'UK schools slip down global table' gives you a feeling that a couple of places have been lost.

When you look at the facts though. The last time we were measured we were 8th in maths and 7th in reading. In the top ten. And considering how much we spend on education that's not great.

Now however it appears we are 24th place for maths and 17th for reading in the international league tables. Read here. Not so much as a slip rather than a significant fall where we have actually got some injuries. I can only guess but I'm willing to bet that all those countries that stepped over us on the way up the league tables have not improved their game by that much. I'm fairly confident I know where the main changes are.

So our government has screwed up education. One of the areas it takes a while to make changes to. It'll be worse next time.

Now my question is why is this reported by the media as a slip. With all the hammering at Gordo over the last few weeks could it be they are feeling sorry for the useless git?

I hope not. It's only their reporting that has made some of the thickos that make up our society realise what is going on.

Please Mr BBC lets keep giving some realistic reporting for a change.


At 2:51 am, Blogger UBERMOUTH said...

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At 2:52 am, Blogger UBERMOUTH said...

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At 12:25 pm, Blogger Bag said...

I hadn't realised I had missed out the link until you commented.

I have edited the text to put the link in but I can confirm this means worldwide. It says international league tables. South Korea is in there as doing very well. We must be bottom of the european league tables.


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