Monday, December 31, 2007

Well well, an actual policy from Cameron.

I'm hoping is not that he got drunk and started talking incoherently or even a journalist has got drunk and misreported the facts. Fingers crossed.

Anyway it seems that finally he has taken a step towards actually making some policies of his own. It seems he will not support the EU Constitution and will have a referendum *cough* when he takes power if we have not had one before and he will push for one now. Read here. Personally I don't see Cameron ever taking power but against Gordo we would probably all vote for another Hitler or Stalin instead of either of these two. Fingers crossed as we get to 2008 and he hasn't changed his mind about the constitution because it's, well you know, so last year.

Interesting though that not that long ago his policies were in line with Gordos on this.

I'm putting my hands together and saying a big Thank You to whoever packed that special fortune cookie that he opened on Christmas Day. It must have said something like 'Change your life make a decision today' or similar and to his credit he did it. Who would have thought it?

2007 - The year Cameron made a decision. It will go down in history.


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