Sunday, December 02, 2007

What are these guys selling?

I've been busy today and whilst on the phone I downloaded my EMails.

This one was on the screen and normally I just nuke spam but I wasn't paying attention and I idly read it. When I was finished my call I suddenly though. WTF? What are these guys selling.

Subject: predicate predicate

momentum attract impartation momentum farkas discriminate hilton colloidal credit dereferencecyclist cyclist ultra impartation placatercavilling inimitable kibbutzim lockian decompression sciencepurr cyclist megohm cyclist farkas dereferencepurloin cloak dereference abdominal earwigjonquil fumigant onrushing grain refusal farkas kibbutzim cavilling kibbutzim ultra farkas placater flop farkas cloak lockian grain cloak science rossonrushingscience metropolitan parke

Now I know spam is based on the cheapness of the send and even a response rate of 1 in 10000 is justification but what are these guys trying to get me to buy? Is it a coded letter from Al Quada? Gordo's new way of making us think of something else?

Has anyone any idea what this is?


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