Wednesday, December 05, 2007

An impossible sell for Bush.

Well Iran is claiming victory and for good reason.

After the intelligence report by the US saying Iran is less determined to develop nuclear weapons, read here, the UN the rest of the world have sighed in relief and put away any thoughts of war. Burying their heads in the sand as usual.

Of course Bush saying that Iran is still a threat will be considered in line with what was said about Iraq and he wont be able to push this through easily. His puppets in the UK and Oz are gone so he won't get any foreign backing. Nobody else on the world stage will listen.

So it looks like Iran will be free to continue with it's enrichment activities. Until of course we have another exile who has intimate details of Iran's activities that we could use to start a war. Of course this time I suspect it won't quite be as easy to sell the intelligence on the world's stage. No, the only thing that will be enough is if Iran actually attacks the US and Bush retaliates. He doesn't need anyone else to do that. Iran won't be that stupid at this stage in Bush's presidency.

Of course they don't really need to be involved. Just appear too.


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