Monday, December 31, 2007

Just in time to remind people that we need to make sacrifices.

It seems the Belgians have had to cancel a New Years celebration because of a potential terror attack. Read here. OK, OK it's the Belgians and not us but soon we will be indistinguishable.

From what I can gather someone has said there will be an attack by a group of people. They have all been nicked but even after trawling through every one's lives in the minutest detail there is not one bit of evidence that could be used against any one of them. To the government that means they have gotten away with it and are free to attack. Not a chance they are actually innocent. Ergo, they have to cancel the celebrations.

What is going on? What a bunch of spineless people the Belgians politicians are. Exactly the same as our own by the looks of things. I would imagine our government will use this somehow in their attack on the UK population.

To me it's just them making a point to the population that the terrorists intend to spoil our fun. Jeez, if only the politicians left the terrorists alone to spoil our fun we would have a lot more of it.

Of course in the UK it wouldn't have been a problem. Our guys would have just kept them in jail even though they had no evidence at all. I wonder if the point of this is for the Belgians to go for the same Stalinist powers that our government has. Detention without cause, detention for 45 days, with no charges, disarming the population etc. Because this case proves they need them. Another bunch of useless politicians.

Now, maybe I'm wrong, not being a terrorist after all but my understanding is they need a team and tools to do this job. Surely having them under surveillance and actually in custody over the last few days would have impacted their readiness and would have stopped this plot even assuming it did exist. At this late stage, not being ready and being under surveillance then what is the actual risk to the population. I'm sure a squad is already on standby in case a real terrorist threat starts anyway. After all if they had been ready surely some evidence would have been found.

There may be crimes being committed here but I'm not convinced who is making them. The government using it's office to abuse innocents or terrorist scum who are much to clever for our trained, extremely well funded and well staffed security services.

We are all doomed.


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