Monday, December 10, 2007

Well that did not go as planned.

It seems that I am leaving without a working laptop after my slight mishap. My carefully rehearsed claims of it was working fine and then just died ten minutes ago were of no use whatsover. Our firm no longer repairs laptops on site as we send them away and I have been offered the use of a desktop at our local office. Super wow! I'm impressed. I'm actually on holiday atm and my cries and stamping of feet are of no use as my laptop was packaged up and sent off for repair or as far as I could see thrown in a laptop bag and thrown in a box. Never mind, when I get back to work in January I'll either have a fixed laptop, a shiny new one or be unable to work for a few days. I might need the rest. btw: Probability order is unable to work followed by a fixed laptop and a long way behind, a shiny new one.

I then went the legal route and explained my dilemma to our legal dept. They were all for it until I mentioned that the blogger had bought a MacBook. That was up there with Linux user and they refused to go any further on the ground they would get laughed out of court on the grounds of cruelty.

That DK has a lot to answer for.


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