Saturday, December 15, 2007

Looking after Africa.

It seems Mugabe is be going for another six years of power. I'm sure that is going so solve every ones problems.

Zimbabwe is a democratic country, or supposedly, like the UK is supposed to be. Just shows how much democracy has been tainted over the last decade. So of course what the people think is not worth bothering about.

Although you would think he would just hand the reins to one of his mates. He could then tour the world picking up massive fees for talking about his experience of screwing up his country. Maybe he things passing the reins on is not democratic though.

But it seems that we are close to a solution. One of the opposition said "His generation has played its part, and must hand over to the next generation but sadly, Mugabe's intention is to die in office, which is regrettable," Read the full story here about how little choice there really is.

Although if he continues in that train of thought he may come across a solution. One that is running across many minds here for our similar problem. Soon, soon my pets I mutter as I sharpen my plastic knife collection.


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