Thursday, October 04, 2007

PC Plod TNG.

Well it seems we have a new crime fighting initiative. PC Plod TNG (The Next Generation). Read here about how his successful crime fighting was brought to a halt by a master criminal. With perhaps one more criminal to go.

It seems that our PCs are now cardboard cut outs. First I laughed, then I thought a bit more. You may notice I do this a lot.

One the negative side.
They can't chase crooks. (But none of our current real live ones do anyway)
They can't give someone a ticking off. (As above. It's all ASBOs and whatever acronym they use now)
They can't arrest people. (OK. You got me there. Our lot arrest people that just look at them)
They will be ignored by the real criminals (No different than our normal plods)
Easily carried away and held hostage. (Hold onto long enough and there will be an amnesty)
The remains after the peasants have had a go can easily be disposed of. (Don't forget to recycle)

On the plus side though.
Cheap at £100 a go. (Lot less that £30K pa)
Everyone can have one. (As long as we save on our rates)
They don't arrest peasants who look at them.
Difficult to hide while being carried away.
Just as useful to the general public as the real ones. (if we attach crime forms to them so people can report the latest crime in their area)

Well I think a clear winner for PC Plod TNG.

Now all we need are some pretty ones and away we go. A top seller and a boost for our local plod who will finally find the public interested in them again. Although even our most dim witted are discovering things all the time about these servants of the public.


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