Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another rubbish policy.

I was reading this article where they are piloting a scheme where the bin men only pick up one bag of rubbish per pickup. Instead of the usual multiple bags or bins. The rest just being left.

It is of course to encourage us to recycle. But it must make the assumption that 90% of what we throw out can be recycled by either the council, or us making special trips to specialised recycling centres. A, probably, soon to be charged for use centre.

Now just round the corner from me is some woods. Whilst taking the granddaughter there today for a walk we came across a big stack of black bags dumped just inside the entrance. And our bin men still take wheelie bins that are not closed. Although they do leave any additional bags behind. So far we don't really need to dump stuff and yet it is happening wait till that policy is rolled out all over the country.

Just remember now. Nothing identifiable. Or we could put something dangerous in as well so that they wont want to search through. How about some used druggie needles or cover everything in liquid dog poo. Mmmmm. Could I make some money selling liquid dog waste to the tipper who wants to remain anonymous. Cash only mind our KGB will undoubtedly be confiscating my records.


At 4:52 pm, Blogger Henry Crun said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

If the town hall won't take my rubbish away, I'll take my rubbish to the town hall.

If enough people start doing that, you can bet it won't be long before the binmen take all the rubbuish away. Just like they are paid to do.

At 6:34 am, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

Good Thinking Henry, but you will probably be caught on CCTV and deported to Sudetenland. We have a very sensible system here in Adelaide. We get a smallish bin that is emptied weekly with what used to be called rubbish. We have alternating Green Bins and Recycling Bins that are about twice the size and emptied fortnightly. This works for most people. It really made us recycle, but then we wanted to anyway. Ask and they shall come I suppose.

At 10:13 am, Blogger Henry Crun said...

I work in France from time to time and they have a similar scheme of blakc bins for rubbish and green bins for recyclables. Both bins are left out for collection on Monday mornings.

One Monday I was leaving for work as the binmen were emptying the bins. Both bins into the same rubbish truck.

Figure that one out!

At 12:54 pm, Blogger Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Just adore that opening paragraph:

I was reading this article where they are piloting a scheme where the bin men only pick up one bag of rubbish per pickup.

Just in case I didn't get that:

Instead of the usual multiple bags or bins.

And in case I'm a total non-comp:

The rest just being left.

Thanks, Bag, I truly needed that.

At 10:35 am, Blogger Bag said...

Sorry James. I write these things for people of my level of thinking just to make sure they get it. For people of superior intellect it may seem a little repetitive. So it is either I write down for the understand of the current illiterate Briton or that is the best I can manage.

I’m claiming I write down. :)


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