Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Think of the children on Halloween.

As we all know it is Halloween. The night for witches and goblins and other creepy things. It the night where poor little kids should not be out on their own.

Last year, as I have done for a long time, I bought a big bag full of sweets. More than the kids could every have and for the last few years hardly anyone came round trick or treating. Those that did had an adult in tow who stood outside the gate trying to conceal a 12 gauge in their coat. So I ended up eating it all because my kids don't eat a lot of sweets.

So imagine my surprise when the first year I don't buy a ton of sweets than dozens of them turn up most of them without an adult. I ran out of the meager little stash I had and had to dip into my own secret sweet stash. Don't people care about their kids? There are lots of nutters out there.

Although I am glad. Despite the government still going on about sweets and paedophiles these kids had little buckets full of sweets and were enjoying themselves. Not an orange or a bottle of water among them. Looks like the UK is starting to think for itself again.

Think of the children and let them have some fun.


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