Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Typical labour bully boy tactics.

I read this article where it appears that our wonderful government is now going to use legal means to stop people spilling the beans on their dirty little tricks. Read here.

Gag orders. Although they may not be legal it doesn't stop our bully government from putting them in place. Then it comes down to who has the most money. A single guy with something dirty to bring into the open or a government that will continually appeal and make the cost of telling the truth go through the roof. It may not be legal but it will stop most people.

Now I seem to remember this same team encouraging whistleblowers. Phone up and turn in your neighbours, people you don't like and, well, just anyone really. We will send round a squad to terrorise them and there will be no risk to you. Funny how they don't like it happening to them.

Why is it this government has put more illegal activities on the books than any other government in history. Probably all other governments added together all the way back to the first british cavemen.

These people should be prosecuted for implementing these illegal policies. Because they are not they just keep going and bullying their way through. What a bunch.


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