Thursday, October 18, 2007

God is racist.

It seems that is is a scientific fact that some of us are not as bright as others. So when God was allocating these brains he clearly decided that one set of chromosomes was going to get a larger percentage of working ones and others not so much. How racist can you get?

In a related story it seems pointing out facts seems to be the opposite of what the scientific community wants. Read here. I wish they would make up heir minds. In the older days scientists observed and, based on facts, made deductions. Regardless of where those facts took them. Now they seem to all suck from the governments teat and they are just as happy playing politics with items like global warming or whatever it is this week and they also stamp down on facts that go against the PC mindset. it is the price they have to pay to get the funds from the government.

I, and many others, believe that technology is going to save us from all the future woes that we can see looming. I've come to the conclusion that there will be few British scientists working towards it. Our brightest will all be working out how to display political untruths in a way to make the world a nice bundle of fluffy wool where we are all equal and nobody gets hurt, weighs more than the next person and are not stressed by people speaking badly about them.

I'm wondering now if we actually deserve to survive the looming class wars. Most of our people think that they are the bottom of the ladder. They never have been in the world but it was never on their minds and they are certainly no longer in the UK. All of them have moved up the ladder over the last few decades but like all of us still look up at what can be rather than down at the seething masses with exactly the same thoughts on their minds but different targets. Laughably we think they are looking above us at who we consider the targets but they have more easily achievable goals.

We may as well all be issued with a pill each to end it. It will be quicker and easier than what those below have in mind.


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