Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A third world army.

An article in the Times Online says 'Iraq is damaging Forces' readiness for full-scale war'. Read here.

Now I may not have any experience of managing a war nor of running a country but seeing as this lot are not much good either I feel that I am in a perfect position to comment.

Do the AA say that motorist breaking down are damaging the AAs readiness for handling breakdowns? Does people buying food from shelves damage the shops ability to supply customers? No. I didn't think so. They factor the requirements to train into their future plans and resource up to that.

If the claims are the experience gained in Afghanistan and Iraq, which imo is the type of 'war' we can expect for the near future, is not the type of war we should be training for then we should therefore split our armed forces training into two, one an all out war against the, I assume the Russians or the way our clowns are going it will be the US, and the other for the next piddling little country we invade for little reason.

It doesn't help we are spending billions on weapons platforms we hardly ever use and have no relevance to our foreseeable adversaries but are instead aimed at an elusive boogeyman who may never appear. If we need them for that boogieman then fine but we also have to accept we have current requirments for more own to earth adversaries which also require investment. Of course we buying in weapons and ammunition for shooting bears with large calibre weapons whle we are currently overrun by rats we can't use those weapons against. ( I liked it)

Of course it doesn't help that our current leaders are screwing our armed forces but if we get our armed forces reduced to the same size and capability of some third world armies then I think our problem will resolve itself the first time Jersey invades to take over it's neighbour.

To anyone in Jersey reading this. If you do invade you had better execute all our leaders straight away as we love them so much we will fight to free them and obviously if they were dead we would all get back to watching the X factor and the cricket and it would make life easy for you. I assume you wouldn't invade in football season as it usually involves rain and our armed forces are not going to get much training in the wet for a while. It just wouldn't be cricket you know.



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