Thursday, August 02, 2007

Will he or won't he?

It seems Gordo has been advised to hold an early poll to benefit from his honeymoon period as PM. Read here.

As well as the honeymoon period of course he gets he advantage of having Cameron in opposition. ie There is no opposition.

Of course it means spending money from the war chest and that is where the plan falls apart. It seems to be empty. They have not managed to steal enough from the taxpayers to fund an election and they can't sell anything else either.

But do they really need to spend a lot to beat the Tories? Cameron has everything except a strategy. No one really wants him over Brown. Brown is going to be different but nobody knows exactly how yet and Cameron is going to be just like Blair and we are fed up with that.

So here are clearly more +ve points to going for an election now. The population is so stupid that they actually think Gordo is going to fix all the things Blair has cocked up. The only real issue for a snap election is cash. Plus, if he leaves it too long people will get to know him and his policies will be apparent, and that won't be good for him, and the Tories are likely to get rid of Cameron, that won't be good for him either.

Which way will he jump? Of course he doesn't think his policies are rubbish he thinks he is doing good. So I think he will just hang tight in the belief that it would be better for him to screw up our country implement his policies to ensure we see his full capabilities before going to the country.

I have only one question to ask. Why are these terrorists so useless at attacking political targets? I'm starting to think they may be our only hope. Talk about clutching at straws.


At 9:45 pm, Blogger Lord Trafalgar Rock Pigeon said...

They'd be well advised to go to the people soon. That way my 2012 prediction might actually come true.


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