Friday, August 24, 2007

Self defence is a dismissable offence now.

It seems it is for Southeastern Railway who sacked Mr Moran after he was attacked by a youth he asked to take his feet off the seats. Read here.

Of course with our currently useless police force he was arrested but the charges were dropped later. Still have his DNA and fingerprints don't you though.

It then seems that he was sacked as he should have just walked away. He is taking them to an industrial tribunal. He should win this case and I hope he gets a lot of pennies. He should also sue them for putting him in a dangerous situation without protection. After all if he is not allowed to defend himself then they should provide that to him.

I suspect though that he may win his case but he will still lose out in the end. Southeastern Railways are clearly managed by a bunch of total tossers. Sadly there is little that anyone can do and they have a monopoly in that area so you cant go to the competition.

Life is a bitch.


At 5:21 pm, Blogger Sir James Robison said...

How can you dismiss someone for fighting back?


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