Monday, August 27, 2007

And we thought the NHS was bad.

See how they deal with Aids sufferers in Papua New Guinea. They simply bury them alive. Read here. Of course it's a lot cheaper than the NHS as well. It also appears that it's not unknown for then to through their aids infected people off bridges or leave them too starve. Is there some sort of law that stops them just shooting them or something? Don't quite know how they manage to reconcile that with it supposed to be a civilised country but there you go.

Anyway, earlier today my parents were looking at giving me and my brother power of attorney because they had discovered that if they didn't, and the government decided that there were incapable of looking after their finances it would do it for them. Plus it charged a fortune, worked that out for myself, and it followed very strict rules which actually limits how much they can actually get of their own money. Need to keep it for the state. I'd not heard of this before but there are new rules coming out at the end of September regarding Power of Attorney. it seems it goes up by 8 times the cost and needs reams of forms after that date. Probably takes a lot longer as well. What a blood sucking government we have.

Anyway just to be clear I told them that if I was given the power I would use it to suck every last penny they had and then stick them in a home where the government could look after them. Much better than they could expect in Papua New Guinea that is for sure. How they laughed at that. Nervously though. :)


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