Thursday, August 23, 2007

Perceptions of crime

Well yet again there seems to be conflicting views on crime. This time it is on the rail system. On one hand we are told that rail crime is coming down. Read here. On the other hand we are told assaults on rail staff are increasing. Read here. Both are currently on the BBC UK front page.

Now to be honest I no longer believe any of these statements that anything is improving. The whole country is going to rack and ruin because of the policies put in place by our useless government.

But nevertheless, this appears to be saying that there is a decline is crime such as assaults and robberies due to their efficient policing but increases are due to the more efficient way they are recording crime. It seems that every company in the UK has a raft of lawyers and PR men coming out with excuses for any figures that come up. They are good though. Most of the UK still believe them.

Now my PR firm is on the case. We believe that the drop in crimes is due to the fact people can't be bothered reporting them as it's just a waste of time. The increase in crimes is due to the fact that more people are getting fed up and taking it out on the poor saps at the coalface and any defenceless object they see.

Now in other breaking news it seems that Gun crime is just a figment of our imagination. Despite the number of people making the news by being shot dead it's all in our heads. Read here. I blame the coroners for misfiling all those shot dead people for all this time till our wonderful government made them keep proper count.


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