Monday, August 13, 2007

Some good advice.

Jackart is offering some good advice to those of us who are getting a bit fed up of shouting into the wind. Read here. I'm sure I was thinking of another phrase but can't just put my finger on it.

All good advice and it seems that it is being applied all over this country by default. Many people are just shaking their heads and getting on with scraping out a living. With no real political opposition at the moment it seems that people are happy to wait and bide their time. Of course they won't wait forever and there will always be some that keep pushing as Jackart discusses.

The only area I disagree with is where he says;
... anything can be undone. There is one part of the unwritten constitution that will never change:
One Government cannot bind the hands of its successor.
I think it may be true in fact but in reality things are changed so much that they cannot be easily undone. For example where I live they are merging three secondary schools into two. One will be sold off. Is it feasible to replace that school with it's fields and buildings once it has houses built on it, it's staff scattered to the four winds and the money gained squandered away on providing accommodation for Gypsies and no smoking classes? Can we really cancel Trident II once we have signed a contract? Can we recover our seat on the UN Security council once it has been handed over to the EU? I think not.

I see burying our heads and waiting for it to be over meaning that our way of life will be changed forever. Too many things will happen for it to be easily fixed and we as a culture have shown that we will take the easy way out when two options are presented to us. Perhaps we deserve what is going on.

All I do know however is that when, eventually, the masses get fed up it will require a struggle to get back what we have lost. Perhaps it is only things we have fought for that we cherish. We have had it so good for the last 50 years that our culture is weak. A struggle may be what we need. I hear the Russians are making some noises again. Nuclear Holocaust is a much better thing to fear that even competent bombers.

So keep your heads down. Sharpen those spoons and twist the hemp. It's all we have and when the time is right we can dish it out. Get it! Oh well.


At 12:19 am, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

Sorry to harp on about the Australian perspective, but we are about the same stage in the political cycle. The Conservatives have been in charge for eleven years and their time is up I hope, not because I disagree with all they stand for, more they have become corrupt, politically bankrupt, time for a change. Not sure if it will really happen, but there does come a time when a political party runs out of gas.

In the British case, there has to be a valid opposition, which can be trusted to move forward. I think that is the problem there, as much as some of the weaknesses of the Labor Government.

At 6:02 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Our opposition is on the same road so no matter who is in charge the progress, or what is called progress, is all the same way.

So why try someone else when you can stick with someone known.


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