Friday, July 18, 2008

Another failure by our whingy whiney leaders..

Well it looks like council snoops litter wardens will need to be accompanied by armed police on their travels. Read here about plod being assaulted by youths for telling someone to pick up litter. It's either that or arm the litter wardens.

What is going on with our society? It's about time we accepted that this namby pamby method isn't working. Let us sort it out, sure there will be an increase in violence at the start, but when these punks realise that it isn't all going their way it will calm down.

What alternative is there now? Our whingy whiney people have tried everything they can and with negligible success. About time they were pushed aside preferably into the gentle hands of these punks whom they have aided.


At 3:07 pm, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

I have posted on an alternative approach to speed cameras. Radical measures are needed to weed out the scum. Oh that might be me in that area. Hypocrite?

At 3:34 pm, Blogger Bag said...


In a way it is hypocritical but I believe that there needs to be a balance. You shouldn't get a smack on the wrist for assault or B&E whilst you get fined a weeks wages for exceeding a speed limit.

I'm pretty much the same.

At 9:30 am, Blogger Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Snoopps indeed.

At 4:55 am, Blogger Baht At said...

actually looking at the reports it is evident this ocurreed because the idiot police started assaulting a young girl over the trivial matter of litter and her friends understandably intervened against what where evidently two of the most obnoxious jobworths in the country.

IMO they were lucky not to end up as smears on the pavement.

At 12:33 am, Blogger Bag said...

baht at, I suspected as much but never really looked at it. With this lot anything is an excuse for them to tighten their grip.

In a way though I'm sure that this sort of thing makes our beloved leaders wonder if they are getting close to a tipping point. Personally I'm already sharpening my sporks.


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