Monday, July 14, 2008

More authoritarian statements from the Busybody Medical Association.

I read this on my travels today about another call from Doctors in the BMA making recommendations that teenage drivers have the drink drive limit cut to zero. Read here.

Of course there is a million and one other suggestions where these old busybodies are sticking their noses in from smoking to sex. I'm assuming he isn't mandating sex but we can keep our fingers crossed. However I'm a realist and I can only assume that they are looking at limiting it. Probably to what they actually get now they are in a building far away from all those horny hot nurses.

I particularly liked the statement 'although there was a risk the move would be unpopular among young people, it would improve road safety'. No sh1t Sherlock. If we reduced the drink drive limit to zero and we also made it mandatory for BMA busybodies not to have had a drink for a week before you went driving that would also improve road safety. I should hope that of course this would be accepted as intended and not be unpopular among BMA busybodies. In this respect I must be one up and at least plod have a better chance of enforcing this one.

I have an additional proposal as well. I think all the doctors in the BMA should be out in the world fixing these issues hands on rather than sitting on their fat asses, drinking port and smoking cigars before driving home in their fancy CO2 polluting cars. They should be examined monthly to see if they are drinking, smoking and not taking enough exercise and if they are found in breach they should be jailed for being hypocrites.


At 10:48 pm, Blogger Baht At said...

i don't mind young folk drinking and driving - but what I object to is the crap in the papers when the inevitable consequences happen and they squash themselves and everyone packing into the car.

Why the papers can't just report "more pissed young wankers eliminated" beats me.

At 10:17 am, Blogger Bag said...

We can't say that. They may have an active sex life and not be involved in pleasuring themselves.

'Darwin takes more pissed young idiots.' Although the sad fact is that the idiocy is usually trusting someone because the don't want to be classed sissys.

At 3:06 pm, Blogger UBERMOUTH said...

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At 2:54 am, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

If drink driving deaths only involved "pissed young idiots", then I could support this. Unfortunately there is usually collateral damage and the impact to their families.

At 5:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My oh my - you don't like doctors , do you?

At 4:17 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Uber, If only all laws were made to suit you.

Colin, Yes but no matter how you look at it someone gets hurt. Best being the ones that cause it.

Anon, I have a great deal of respect for doctors. This was not aimed at them.


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