Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pacifists and Liberals.

Found this post via Theo's site. It is about how Liberals are causing issues around the world. Read here.

Now I do agree with this post and would expand it a bit. We are certainly living in the age where we feel comfortable and don't want to risk anything and just sit and wring our hands, talk and then expect the issue to resolve itself or for someone else to step up to the bat. When we are the only people that can make a difference then it is our obligation to do so. Yet we don't.

In 100 years time we will look back at this time as the time where we allowed millions to die for a PC ideal based on assumptions about our species that is not true. We do work well with boundaries and knowing that if we go over them we will be punished is a deterrent. That's how we learn as kids and as we can see if it is not followed then we quickly learn that we don't have to follow rules because nothing will happen. Harsh words just don't cut it. Soft words, like we are doing are just laughed off.

So in my opinion there is a time for talking, usually we come to a compromise, but if not when an impasse is reached then the next stage is diplomacy by other means, or war as we know it. However, we just never stop talking. We never get to the stage where we actually do something outside talking. This allows atrocities like Darfur and Zimbabwe.

Of course when it comes down to things that are part of our individual leaders master plans for looking after their interests then the whingy whiney liberals and pacifists don't get a look in. Sadly, this is where it goes wrong with the US. They seem to believe that almost everything they have an interest in is sufficient reason for them to get involved in.

Pacifists and Liberals. Why do they get into positions of power? Sweet talking and what they say sounds good. It may sound good but it won't work for our species, never has and never will. yet we keep on trying. Time after time after time.

When will we learn? Another 40 years I think after we have entered another dark age.


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