Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tory Leadership Race plus Wasting Aid plus Suicide.

Been looking around and there isn't much going on at the moment. I'm feeling a lot better, if you are interested. If you are not interested then I've nothing to say as a replacement.

Anyway, three things caught my eye.

The first is that Conservative MP Tim Yeo has pulled out of the leadership race. He thinks Ken Clarke should win. Well I find the whole thing totally uninspiring. I didn't actually think it was a sporting event anyway and that is part of the reason it's so boring. Hidden in the text is that the existing MPs will be the one that chooses the leader, not the party members. Now there shows what they think of the will of the people. Regardless, it doesn't matter who gets in, Tory leader or otherwise the only thing I will get is more money taken off me and more people interfering in my life. Politics is a shambles and they have the bare faced cheek to impose our style of Government at gunpoint. And, they call this news.

The second thing is that they have 'discovered' that the Government is wasting aid to Malawi. Now I don't know about you but I have always taken that as a given. The Government is a huge lumbering behemoth, and getting bigger every day, and is extremely inefficient. There are very few charities in the UK where a significant chunk of the money you send it is spent efficiently. I think there is a lot more of this sort of thing going on than we are told about. I can never understand why they all have expensive London offices when they could work just as well out of offices in Malawi with Malawian staff and a couple, and I mean a couple, of UK overseers, facilitators and auditors to monitor the books and produce reports.

Finally, I read this. I was saddened to discover that between 1993 and 2002 there was only one day that nobody killed themselves. It was the Friday the 16th March 2001. I knew there was more than a few and Christmas and New Year are high on the list for the days to do it but, every day. Puts things in perspective when you consider how low they must be to end it all. Nobody should be that low.


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