Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Black or White on Terror Issues. No Grey allowed.

Just been browsing the blogs on the web and came across this on a truck running through a protest site. This just shows how polarised the positions on the War on Terror and Iraq have become. It seems that you have to be in one of two camps.
Camp 1. You support the WoT and the Iraq invasion. You are patriotic and on the side of all the God fearing people on this planet. The ends justify the means.
Camp 2. You are against the WoT and the Iraq invasion. You are unpatriotic and are on the side of the terrorists. You are against all western values and are classed by your country as terrorist sympathisers and communists.

It suits our wonderful leaders to only allow these two. It stifles opposition and forces people into entirely opposite camps from where there is no compromise.

Well, golly gosh! I'm not in either of those camps nor do I want to be. I'm against the invasion of Iraq. I understand the WoT but think it is being managed incorrectly but being Government run that makes it pretty much of a given. I am patriotic and am most certainly not on the side of terrorists and would never offer them aid in any way.
The way it is sold means that to not back our Governments, US and UK, we are offering aid to the terrorists. Showing we are divided. Well, tough luck. Our Governments chose not to be united with the rest of the UN and we were dragged along. Now we have to back them to the hilt or we are dishonouring our soldiers. Well it's unfortunate that that is true but pretending to support and arguably illegal war against a sovereign nation where the only thing we get out of it is the meaningless death of our honourable soldiers, a big bill and Bliar and Bush get the credit for ousting Saddam, whatever that is worth, is against my principles. What +ve thing do we get out of this action compared to all the -ve? I can't think of anything that justifies it.

To cap it all. It also appears that far from democracy being installed we are now going to install a group of dictators to run the country under Islamic law. Women's rights and democracy have given way to what the new leaders want. Funny that. Isn't that the way of the Middle East. When we do leave I think that they will quickly forget about us removing Saddam but will never forget the killing of the people. We will get nothing from them.


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