Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pharmaceutical issues.

Just been reading this about Vioxx and this about animal research.

The question I have is if we stop animal research then do we lessen the liability of these companies by stopping them fully testing their products. I for one won't take anything that has not been fully tested and on animals too. The tests on animals I expect to be kept to a minimum but sufficient to show any anomalies. My understanding is that animal research is very expensive and time consuming. Drug companies keep the tests to a minimum but there is Government mandated testing which must be completed which has been in place since thalidomide and for good reason.

As we don't have the balls to deal with these animal rights people then perhaps we need to offshore this to a country, maybe Iran or China, that can do the research and, if necessary,deal with these terrorists properly. Yet another nail in the coffin for British research.

In a way I'm surprised that Bliar has not considered banning animal testing in the UK. It would be as popular as fox hunting which merited use of the Parliament Act and save him having to do something about these scum terrorists who will have, yet another, victory.


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