Thursday, August 25, 2005

Parking can be Hazardous to your Wealth.

I've been poorly today. I'm not normally ill but this time I've definitely got the flu. Translation : I'm a bloke so I've really got a cold. Double whammy, I'm on holiday so I don't even get the satisfaction of working and letting everyone else know how brave I am.

Anyway, been reading most of the day. Just a novel, nothing heavy. After tea time the local rag came through the door. Front page news was about this guy who parked his van in a services while he went in a friends car to the motor auctions at Leeds. On they way back they were held up in traffic due to a suspect car bomb. Or, you guessed it, a suspect van bomb. Anyway, they blew this guys van up with three controlled explosions. Now, the best bit was he was discussing it in the local paper. His livelihood went up with this van and he finished by saying 'I'm a little angry'. I fell about laughing. Not because they blew his van up but because of his bland 'I'm a little angry' statement. Well it certainly cheered me up anyway.


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