Saturday, August 20, 2005

Games and Operation System woes.

Just had a very frustrating time playing Dawn of War. I've finished the campaign and been through it one on the skirmish against multiple computer opponents. It's been driving me loopy. I can remember when Total Annihilation came out. It was brilliant. Ran on a 486 and the graphics and AI were the best at the time. DoW was 'Game of the Year 2004'. The only thing I can think is that it was the only RTS in 2004. Graphics are OK but the documentation on the interface could be written on a postage stamp and still have room for something else. Plus, TA allowed roaming repair bots and this one has to be manually triggered. Maybe it's my age but I can't keep up with the computer on this game and I find it frustrating to control. I think I'll load TA up again.

As well as this I find that on my main computer. I am having problems loading things and it's reporting a corruption in Modern installers seem to through up conflicts on my shiny new system. It's my first, maybe my only, AMD, and I've hit a few problems with it. So far I've had cab problems on DoW, Industry Giant 2 and Nexus. I hope I don't have to reload everything. I've called tech support with DoW and the best I got was to turn off my virus scanner and firewall as they have been known to conflict. Wonderful. BTW. You can't return these games so if you want to use them then you got to put your systems at risk. Best bit is it is usually the protection in the installer which won't run in safe mode. Pirated copies work OK. Another bullet in the foot for the legitimate user.