Sunday, August 21, 2005

A response to the insanity in Zimbabwe.

Finally, we have come up with a response to the genocide and insanity in Zimbabwe. Jack Straw and Tess Jowell must have though long and hard before coming up with this one. Read the story here.

I'm sure Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe must be considering this bleak future without international cricket. That is of course if the ICC chose to ban them. You have just got to laugh. Africa doesn't realise how lucky it is with so little oil and with nobody really caring these dictators get to do what they want. One caveat. The dictators have to be black or they will get pressure put on them. They can do whatever they want.

Remember Idi Amin. The facts were bad enough but there were rumours he used to eat his countrymen and keep his opponents heads in the freezer. Here in the UK just suggesting we do something to sort this is dangerously close to breaking our laws. So, all in all, a round of applause to Jack Straw and Tess Jowell for taking this as far as they dare. Which only goes to show how PC we have become.