Friday, August 19, 2005

Graduates plus Menezes.

For a while now it's been looking like our employment system is going to follow the US system regarding training and experience. The main component of this is that having qualification, any qualifications, is a requirement for any decent job. So let us not go for anything hard as a degree in media studies is as good as a degree in Mathematics. Some people are in for a big shock in a few years time. Now, I'm not saying that having any degree at the moment is not +ve. But, employers are getting wise to this and by the time the current batch are leaving having qualifications will be a given. Hell, they are starting giving them away and predicting a 100% pass rate. You will have to be a real moron to fail in the future. Can't have the poor mites getting upset.

So now only school dropouts will not have qualifications, until, of course, we set up something for them. They can currently look forward to a life of hard labour or having lots of kids and living on the social. Everyone else will have qualifications and then be given a shock when a degree in media studies doesn't get them a £100K a year management job. Ever.

It reminds me of a joke I tell my guys when they are recruiting for positions.
'A Graduate started in a company and on his first day his manager said 'I want you to sweep the floor in the main room'. The Graduate stiffens and says in a hurt voice. 'I am a University Graduate'. To which the manager profusely apologizes and says 'I'm sorry. Here, let me show you how'.

Common sense ain't that common and Graduates don't have a view on the real world. You need to make sure that you check everything and don't make any assumptions. Boy, have I got some stories gained from dealing with interviews for new employees, including Graduates.

Looks like lots going on with the Menezes execution. I wouldn't like to be executioner at this moment. Lucky for us it was a foreigner as his government can be sure to investigate where as if it was you or me there would just be a cover up. Such is justice in the UK today.