Thursday, August 25, 2005

New laws against Free Speech.

I'm a bit concerned about this, yet again, new legislation to stop 'hate crimes'. Seems the intent is to use this to kick out these 'mad mullahs' from the UK. For one thing I'm sure there are already umpteen laws in place which could achieve this objective and I would be interested to hear what it will mean to the rest of us. The bit about glorifying terrorism for example. I heard someone say on TV that it could be used in the case where someone says 'You deserve the bombings because they are retaliation against Iraq' What that is classed as is 'Justifying violence to further beliefs'. What that means is 'mad mullah' or not you can't even state your opinion in public. So much for freedom of speech. Now, inciting violence, which is already a crime should lead to the dock under existing laws. What we seem to be doing is looking for reasons to kick these people out. No trial, just an accusation and then off to another country, where, in all probability, they will continue their rants anyway. On the +ve side it can be used to stop people coming into the country. Will it be used against Pat Robertson for his statement? I bet not, although, why not? It's just another PR exercise for our Government. The masters of spin.

Now, to take it a step further. How long before we, the British people, get included in this and anything -ve to our Government could lead to arrest and imprisonment? How about 'In my opinion, this Governments, arguably illegal, invasion of Iraq lead to the attacks on this country.' Do I deserve prosecution, jail and a criminal record for voicing my opinion? Looks like another nail in the coffin of freedom with the fourth Reich moving into place.

It makes me think back and remember when the USSR was the enemy. It was pointed out to us how bad they were. How truthfully I really don't know. They had detention without legal representation, ID cards, armed police shooting for little reason, their phones tapped, neighbours reporting on them and very few personal rights. Speaking out against their Government lead to job losses, gulags or summary executions. They were Godless communists who would kill you as soon as look at you. We had to defend ourselves against this plague at all costs. Well, once they fell, our Governments soon seen the upside to these things and although we are not there yet we are certainly getting close and in some areas we are exceeding it. They never had comprehensive DNA, retina scan and fingerprint databases. Nor, phone and internet records going back years. The technology that makes our lives easier makes all these things easy to set up and manage. Like all advances a double edged sword.


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