Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Intelligent design. God forbid.

Been reading more and more lately about creationism and evolution. Stories like this. I don't know about you but I don't actually know what happened but certain facts are available. Only people with blind faith can ignore them. They have no argument bar it is based on faith.
Now I'm the product of a society that has to take the facts and modify theories around them. It's the difference between our society and one with little or no education. This does not exclude a God. It does however, exclude a God who deals with absolutes. A God who screws with your minds and preaches blind hatred. The questions we ask about creation will never be answered in our lifetimes. Theories can and will be put forward. Some more crackpot than others but who really knows what is the truth.
All you can do is do what you think is right and follow what you believe. It should not include killing those who do not agree or forcing them to convert to your choice.
I really do see a religious war coming. Maybe it's time all the Y2K kit is brought out and polished. The only bit of good news I have is the main religion here has all the best weapons and a bit of holy fire won't have the same attrition rate as Iraq. Bushy and Bliar are the ones to do it too.


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