Monday, August 29, 2005

Media bias and a tendency for bad news.

Been thinking a lot on how our perceptions are shaped by the media. Everyone goes on about how the BBC is biased, so much so that there are even web sites about it. In reality however all off the media reports I have read are biased in some way. Either they taint it with their comments or, worse, actually imply things that are not actually true. I must confess I tend to browse the BBC web site because it has such a vast coverage of local topics with the addition of significant foreign news which is of interest to me. I don't always agree with their comments or like the bias in there but it is a starting point.

Now when you look at the new nowadays it's all about death, destruction or celebrities. The end of the world is coming because we have to do everything with a payback in less than a week or it will look like we are not interested in current affairs. The whole world is a mess and we are setting up bureaucracies to deal with that problem. Oh! Don't forget that you can solve that problem with out thinking of the repercussions. Another bureaucracy can be set up for that so it's win win!

Are there any news providers out there that give a more balances view of the news? Besides the People Friend that is. I'm going to go looking.


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