Monday, December 18, 2006

So much for Democracy.

This call by Abbas for new polls which is being rejected and boycotted by the Hamas winners is a interesting legal case. Read here.

A vote was taken by the Palestinians, Fatas lost and so they call for another go. Well, you can have one in four years or so. Of course they are getting outside support because the US and UK didn't get the answer they were looking for. It's like the EU constitution. let's keep going until we get the right answer. It says a lot that Blair is supporting the call which actually shows his views on Democracy.

To me this is no different to the Tories calling for a new election after the last one they lost. Maybe there is still time for us to call for fresh elections after our ones last year. (Boy, it seems so long ago now) After all I'm sure Blair will support us trying to replace the elected government.

This must be illegal. But I'm sure Blair will get his pet to produce a ruling that says it's OK.


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