Saturday, December 16, 2006

NHS costs and obesity.

Reading this article about how much obesity is costing the NHS.

Now I must admit I thought it would be much more than 9%. For one thing if 1 in 5 is obese, 20%, plus being obese is actually bad for you then you would expect, just on average that more than 20% of the costs would be related to obesity. Obesity is supposed to cause diabetes, cancer, heart problems, joint problems, swollen arches, sexual problems, etc. and make your teeth rot and makes you ugly. I would have thought the cost would have been closer to 105% of budget leaving the 15% left for the remaining minor issues such as err.. mmmm Oh yeah. Lung cancer which is caused by smoking and pregnancy which is caused by drink.

You see I've been looking at this with all the statistics and sums n things. I believe that this just hides the fact that besides all the useless bureaucrats, consultants and PFI deals etc. it's ill people that is costing the NHS money. Pure and simple.

All these ill people have something wrong with them that is mainly their fault. They are either too old, too careless or too fat. Now what is worse someone making a life choice or someone who is just careless. I can plan for my life choices but these people don't plan for their accidents. Oh wait! They all do. They all pay into a compulsory health system that is supposed to help them when they are ill. Some even pay extra into an additional system that let's them get treatment quicker.

If they stopped treating the obese, drunk, smokers, old and those that are just plain stupid then they could get the waiting lists down to less than a week. A much better and leaner NHS would be in place. Of course we would still have to pay for it because it is government.

If they didn't waste so much money on bureaucrats, consultants etc. they could just stop worrying about who is to blame and just get on with the treatments regardless of who is at fault.

'Best ever year' 'Envy of the world' - Quotes from the Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf school of PR.

I won't go quietly when I'm told I can't have something because my BMI is outside the norm. You will all read about in in the papers.


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