Saturday, December 16, 2006

Breaking the Law. Follow the rules first.

Part 1 - Those you don't like.
- Nick Griffin. Not guilty. No laws broken.
'We need to change the law to get these people'
- Saddam Hussein. Deposed. No UK laws broken.
'No international law was broken'

Part 2 - Those you like.
- BAESystems. Not progressed due to political interference. Laws look like they have been broken.
'In the national interest'
- Tony Blair. Illegal invasion of Iraq. No case to answer.
Law rule changed to suit.

Is it in the national interest to prosecute medicinal drug users? People who help the terminally ill die painlessly?

Does national interest simply come down to cold cash or political standing?

Maybe we just need some new rules to go with the rule of law.

1) It does not apply to our lords and masters.
2) Err... that's it really.


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