Monday, December 18, 2006

Are we facing future brownouts?

Ordinarily I wouldn't worry about this sort of thing but lately I've been reading about our requirement that we will be supplying for 15% of our energy needs from renewable energy. Couple this with the article in the Times it appears that I should be worrying about this as we seem to have a foreseeable gap in what we can generate and what we can get from foreign suppliers and what we will be expecting to consume.

Now this could actually be a plan of our government. It could actually be joined up for once and it expecting the EU to solve all its problems with a shared power platform or even for us to reduce our usage so much that the intermittent wind generated power will not be an issue.

Nope. I didn't think so either. None of the above.

I'm thinking this is just another low priority task that at the moment will only lose them votes from the greens. So let's put it off. After all they may not even be here in 2010. So not really a problem and when it does become one they can blame it on terrorists who frightened us so much that we were scared of going nuclear in time to fill the gap, by 2010 the UK will be working toward nuclear power. Then we will be relying on oil, coal and gas from the Middle East and Russia. Yippee. those that won't like us by 2010 and those that we were at 'war' with for 40 years and bankrupted as a country. No issues there then.

I had better buy a decent UPS while I can.


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