Friday, December 15, 2006

How does this redistribute money?

I must be thick. (No comments please) After reading all the blogs with links to Polly Toynbee's article on carbon credits I went and read the article because I thought she may have been misquoted. In particular the bit about '.. it in effect redistributes money from the rich to the poor ..'

Of course she had not been misquoted.

I'm reasonably well paid. I work at home and I would get my share of the 'rations' I would have plenty spare. I don't do that many miles a year at all. Just local stuff mainly. My neighbour has to go to work every day at peak time. It takes him an hour and twenty minutes. He barely makes ends meet as it is with all these other stealth taxes. In addition he also goes away on caravan holidays. That must bump up the CO2 emissions as well.

So if I get a bit tight for CO2 rations I can buy some, get a more efficient car or give up driving and stay at home. I'll save my credit ratings towards a nice flight to a free country for a few weeks. If necessary myself and others will just buy them and treat this as another tax, which it is hidden under a do gooder guise. Let's face it only a fraction of what is extorted will be put towards public transport or sorting out the environment.

What can my neighbour do? He can't really afford to buy any more credits, buying a new car won't do anything for him anyway and he can't stay at home. He will have to take the bus or train. That won't work too well. I understand it is a 3 hour trip by public transport. Each way. Does the use of a bus cost points? It must do to reflect the costs. What happens when you carbon credit card is declined as it is swiped? You can't pay your carbon bill? You just have to walk everywhere? 'Ring, Ring, 'Hello' 'Hi boss can't make it in to work because I've used my carbon quota and can't get any more till next pay day' 'OK. Not a problem see you in a fortnight' In your dreams. Jobs will become local or remote working only.

Of course the option of welfare becomes more attractive. Wait a minute! They will be the beneficiaries. They will be able to sell all their quota. Of course we will reduce their benefits because of the income so they will no better off in reality. So they won't be better off either.

I would imagine that many of the top earners are in a situation where they can work from home or have the flexibility for minimal travel or can arrange it when these costs come in. How does your average person manage that when they have to be pressing buttons or touching things?

So what was that about redistribution again?

It is clearly just another tax and the best bit is it the people are all happy with it. They all see it as being used against SUVs and limos and rich people and they all stupidly think it won't be a problem for them. If it wasn't so unlikely to work I would be waiting for the axe to fall with a stupid grin on my face just watching their faces at it hits home. When will they suddenly realise and storm the castle? Can't be long now. Even the British are not that stupid, are they?


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