Sunday, December 10, 2006

Will this mean compulsory tests?

The BMI is the accepted measure for fat chaps like me. My BMI is err... above 1. To be honest I have no idea. However, to everyone in the UK it is now know as the way t is used as a sign of obesity despite it's anomalies, where people with muscle are recorded as obese while there is little fat in their body.

In addition it now appears that evening having a BMI in the acceptable range could mean that there is fat contained within your body which we need to get rid off. Read more here.

Could it get any worse. instead of using the BMI as a first pointer and then checking a bit more closely we now cannot rely on it at all.

Will this mean a change of tack in the government. Of course not. The best we can hope for is they ignore this and carry on as we were with the BMI as a target. In the worse case all those that fit the BMI need to be scanned.

Bang goes my plan then. I was relying on cutting off an arm or something to fit the BMI if I needed an operation I had already paid for via extortion. Now this new weapon in the governments armoury will detect that.


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