Sunday, December 03, 2006

Has Blair destroyed the Labour party?

My dad has been a lifelong Labour supporter. He seen them as for the working people in a way that the other parties were not. They had the interests of the lower paid and those without the capability to do anything about it. He wasn't happy about the welfare state providing for those who had decided their role was merely to reproduce as he had worked all his life to provide but seen that as a unfortunate side effect of providing a safety net.

Now however things are different. Retired and seeing his pension he paid for all his working life being eroded down to almost the same level that someone else who didn't save for a pension and drank their pension money on a weekly basis has. His only real benefit is before he retired he bought a newish car and now travels around on day trips via his car and coach.

Of course the discussions on charging for CO2 emissions and road charging see him losing one of the few pleasures in his life. Coupled with the fact he was very much a 'leave everyone to get on with their lives man' the last ten years have been a downhill slide for him.

I don't talk to him about voting normally but he has said several times now that he will not be voting Labour again as these clowns have supported everything that has gone on. He won't vote for the others either as be sees no difference between any of the parties in as much as they do not have the interests of the ordinary people at heart. He sees Green as a bunch of tree hugging do gooders who would rather people died than animals, UKIP as an anti-Europe party and said he would never vote BNP because of what they stand for. Key of course is no more votes for Labour.

Coupled with the issue of Scotland going it's own way and they make up a good proportion of the Labour core voters it is worth asking if Labour will ever again be a viable party? Key voters leaving, entire areas being removed. God, I hope the entire party is destroyed. If they are destroyed then other politicians, worried about their careers, may think about what they are doing. Although most are too thick to see back beyond the last couple of their own cock ups.

The one area that I believe will be swept under the carpet but is the most pressing issue for the Labour party are these loans and the peerages. Although I pray each night for Blair to be arrested I suspect it will never happen. However, the issue of the repayments may cause the Labour party to go bankrupt. That would cheer me up and would be interesting.

Personally, I think it will take too long for the Labour party to be destroyed or go bankrupt and too much damage will be done while we wait. I'm still going down the path of leaning towards a nice bit of hemp. Of course, for the Home Office browsers I would never do something that was illegal.

Fingers crossed that the loans brings down the party. It seems the most pressing issue at the moment.


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