Monday, December 04, 2006

Race crime charges up by only 28%. That is a surprise.

Boy that was a bit of a surprise. Race crimes up 28%. Read here. I would have expected it to be over 280% or something.

The logic behind my thoughts was that there is always a hard core of racists who would go round doing this sort of thing. With the fear going on in the UK I would imagine we could add a few more of these in. Probably up 25% on the year and increasing day on day as people see how they are treated, think more about positive discrimination and how only a few percent of the UK are foreign immigrants yet make up a significantly larger percentage of our criminal class. These people then move towards Combat 19 and the BNP So that does make a bit of sense that the crimes they commit are going up.

However, where the calculation goes wrong is that when you can be prosecuted from revving your engine in a racial manner and sending Emails which happen to include a black guy then there must be a lot more of this going on that 28%. Why only last night I was revving my engine is a seductive manner to the girl next door. She didn't seem interested maybe it was because I was revving in a sexual harassment manner1. As there are a lot of people out there who now look suspiciously at all foreign looking people. Some are leaning towards restricting what foreign immigrants can do and the media is stirring everyone up into a frenzy. A lot more are going to take their frustrations and fears out on some poor black guy walking down a street. More than would join some fascist organisation anyway. So I personally doubt the figures that they are only up 28%.

Unfortunately, I now see this sort of thing as the only way we can fight back against this discrimination. It's one of these laws of unintended consequences. I'm not into the violence but at the same time what can we do about this discrimination against us? We just have to sit here and take it or we are branded as racist.

The more people that head towards Combat 19 and the BNP and the more extremists that attack us the more we are going to have this. The worse it is going to get and the more extreme the actions. It can only end two ways. There is going to be a war. Riots again. Why is it that politicians who cause most of these things will be the ones least hurt? or the politicians get something right for once and sort it out.

1) Or it could be because she knows I'm a fat little pervert.


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