Saturday, December 09, 2006

They never see beyond the next election.

We had a national Mail Delivery service which the government ran and it had set up branches all over, and some in areas with few users, to give a national service. It provided mail and a bank. This is now privatised and expected to make it's way in the world as a private company with no government subsidies. The banking facilities have now been separated out and provided by third parties because it is profitable. There is talk of opening the mail market to even more competition.

Now they have to make their way in the cold harsh world they want to close down the unprofitable areas of their business. MPs want something done. Must be getting near an election. Did they not see this when the privatised the Royal mail and then removed one of it's income streams? Are the new entrants going to enter this uncontested market? Nope. Because there is no money there. It can only be sustainable by subsidy or excessive cost.

If this is really such an issue then a new way has to be looked at for this. Although I would question why we should have to resolve an issue that is not a life or death concern. After all, if I bought a place in the middle of nowhere why should a private company have to provide me a service. I believe power, gas and water companies charge for the service if they have to put in something really special. That is because they are not looking at providing charity just to make a profit. So maybe the people impacted by this could set up their own postal service and go for it by themselves. After all why should I pay? I don't get the advantages of living out in the wilds why should I pay to compensate for the downsides?

Politicians never seem to actually work out the medium to long term impact of anything at all. They would force us to plug our own bums because some do gooder thought it would improve the smell in public toilets. Lucky for us the impact isn't too far away.


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