Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We need a real war.

I've come to the conclusion that the West needs a war. A real war not like the remote wars we are in with Iraq and Afghanistan. One that forced many of us into a kill or die situation that will sort out the bunch of useless no gooders by showing them reality. WWIII without the nukes. That brings out the best in our society.

We have spent so long protected that do gooders think they can say and do what they want and because the law protects them they never have to face up to reality. The see the invasion of our country and argue that it will be OK even as those they support riot and kill all over the world. These do gooders make us look racist and then use that to stifle discussion. The invite people with dubious intentions into our country in the guise of freedom but never have to put up with the impact. The defend the release of people like Myra Hindley on the view she has been punished enough but would never think of offering her a place at their home with their children. She can live somewhere over there as she can't afford it here. Everything is looked at a short term personal satisfaction and no thought to the future or the public.

These do gooders have no concept of what is going on outside their cosy secure environments. They force us to give up all our defensive capabilities from weapons down to even discussing what is going on all under the belief that everyone at heart is a good guy and if we show the way then they will follow. They believe they can abandon all forms of defence because they feel so safe. Lives are lost but never theirs and usually it's the poor that take the brunt.

The motto 'Peace through superior firepower' has always been one I got behind. It is why I support our nuclear deterrent and our armed forces as well as the ongoing development of weapons. Not necessarily the strategy used by our governments but if push came to shove and they woke up they would have the men and equipment.

The reason for all this rant? A bunch of politicians and protesters in San Fransisco are saying they do not need a military. Listen here on Michelle Malkins site. They are clearly relying on the facts they are fairly well protected and away from foreign invaders. They would get help from the military if it came down to it but it's very much NIMBYism at it's most extreme. But they are clearly insane if they believe that they don't need a military in the world today. Clearly a lifetime in a secure environment blinds you to reality and is the reason behind support for illegal immigrants and even legal immigrants intent on forcing their way of life on us.

We are not going to get a real war. Fortunately. Those who we should we warring against just put their weapons away in a cupboard and state they are peaceful and not intent on doing any harm and our leaders look at us and say we are racist and that we should give concessions to these people. By the time we wake up it will be too late our populations will not be in the position to do anything our culture will be subverted and society will take a nose dive to the lowest common denominator. Why fight when you can subvert? It's the Chinese way. Slowly, slowly catchee monkey.

So I'm still going down the path of leaning towards a nice bit of hemp. Think about it. We have had the French revolution, the American revolution, Iranian revolution, coups in Fiji, Chile, etc. What do we get? Protesters chained to railings and a few riots. Riots where only the public die and the police are injured. That's partly because of the stiff upper lip. Now our culture is being converted by immigrants who don't have this stiff upper lip won't be long before we have our own revolution. Probably be too late for the British though. Probably too late even for the useless bunch that lead us down a path to our doom. We wouldn't even get the satisfaction of knowing that they were ripped limb from limb as we die because they will either be dead before it starts or we won't hear about it.

People have been talking about revolution since the middle of the last century. Nothing happened because the general public didn't really see an issue. It was usually the young objecting to things from their vast experience. Now however it's older people, people with some common sense objecting and the general public seems to be waking up, albeit slowly. The British Empire is dead. We should accept that and set up something similar to the US where we have a constitution and let's make sure we fix all the ambiguities. After we execute all the politicians of course.

I love this country. Hell, the whole West. It's traditions have stood up for everything that is right and moral. With a few hiccups because we are human. What is happening to it over the last decade where we now work to destroy all our country has worked for for generations? It is clearly immoral and against everything the West stands for. We need to fix it. Our politicians won't not when it will stop them getting massive wage rises for failing miserably in their jobs.


At 5:25 pm, Blogger Nostrumdammit said...

We do seem to be approaching the meltdown of the moral majority. I don't think our society will take much more politically correct pseudo-justice and frankly I think the chattering classes and the libertines have got it coming.
The reality check when it comes will be brutal across all of the strata of society.


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