Friday, December 08, 2006

An election in 16 months. Why so soon?

It seems that Labour are putting out a statement that there could be a general election in 16 months. Read more here.

You know I'm a cynic and I wondered why? They don't have the funds to run one but neither do the Tories. They must have a motive.

I thought of a few;

1) Blair can extend his leaving as late as possible so he gets into 2008 and makes his record.
2) Nobody actually has any time to see how Brown performs as PM before they have to vote for him.
3) The country is falling apart and it will be clear to all in 2010 but not to the general public in 2008.
4) They want to go before UKIP builds up it's brand and becomes a contender.
5) They want to go while Scotland still has some input.

Added together it makes a few good reasons to go early. I would do the same if I was Blair.


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