Sunday, December 10, 2006

Palastinians have a bit of difficulty with democracy.

Got to laugh about these Palestinians. They really are stupid but led by calculating well educated men.

First of all they have the aim of taking over Israel. They barely have a government, it is certainly not self funding and relies on aid from abroad. They are in a war with a force that can crush it completely but is held back by a load of western do gooders who interfere in other countries business. These same do gooders force concessions which is still not enough for the Palestinians as they see it is a creeping war and they continue their relentless attack. The do gooders force Israel to adopt restraint in a relentless PR war. The calculating and well educated real leaders are adept at PR.

In the meantime to show their support for peace the Palestinians elect Hamas, an organisation whose sole aim is the destruction of Israel. The only country with the balls to really do anything is the US. By enforcing restrictions on terrorist organisations it forces the world into a standoff. Of course it does nothing for the US's claim about supporting democracy but at the same time nobody can accuse them of sitting on the fence.

In addition the Palestinian people continue to attack Israel with the ultimate 22nd century weapon, individuals with a willingness to die for the cause. Sent to die in an war with a hated enemy by these same calculating leaders. Who know the west get upset about the amount of people who die while they just don't care. These poor Palestinians. Weapons mass produced by unskilled labour.

In the meantime the EU shows what it feels about the situation by finding ways to fund them and support them in their PR war.

The Palestinians must be getting desperate though. They are now proposing that they hold elections. It seems the other political parties, the losers of the last election in fact, are saying that they need to choose between Fatas and Hamas. Read here. I thought they did that in January. Funny that the losers think we should try again. The Palestinians must be finding it difficult to buy arms without a slush fund.

A win for the US, it gets to have another go for the right decision. A win for the last elections losers they as get another go. A lose for real democracy. A lose for Hamas, which is a win for the world.

Now if they pick Hamas again can we just let the Israelis get on with it. I'm fed up of hearing about this situation. The west are causing it and making it go on longer than it needs to. Let the Israelis sort it out. Subjugate the Palestinians and get on with fighting the rest of the middle east. It is clear the Palestinians won't stop until Israel is gone. No concessions are going to work and they will never be able to stand up and feed themselves. The other arab nations could not care less. they could offer homes and help to them but don't. They see this as a propaganda tool for them. I don't see why I should pay to make a few do gooders feel good about themselves and fund a bunch of mindless killers.

It's just a larger version of the welfare state we have here. Gimme more, more.....more. We will spend it on what we want. Guns, bombs and we will teach our children to hate. Oh, and these people are bullying us can you get them to stop.

Pity the people in Darfur don't have so PR savvy leaders. They will just have to get on with it without our interference. Of course we will still supply weapons.


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